Hire job seekers at scale.

Service tailored for gig economy companies!

Hiring at scale is challenging

Gig economy companies, online platforms, and startups face many challenges when hiring at scale.

  • Difficulty hiring over multiple locations.
  • Poor conversion rates.
  • Hard to maintain job postings.
  • Bad candidates spoiling your talent pool.

Our solutions

Quality Distribution

  • Reach up to 250k monthly job seekers.
  • Publish your job postings on multiple job boards.
  • Hire over multiple locations.

Professional Copywriting

  • Text crafted to rank on Google for Jobs.
  • A/B testing for higher conversion rates.
  • JobPosting schema markup and Google indexing API.

Tracking & Follow-up

  • Click tracking.
  • Location tracking.
  • Email/CV acquisition.
  • Hiring campaigns follow-ups.

more than 10,000 independent contractors hired through our network

1,500 dog walkers in 40 days.
250 delivery drivers in 30 days.
2,500 survey takers in 50 days.
500 survey takers in 30 days.

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