Writing the Perfect Job Postings

Recruitment costs such as posting on job boards represent a huge burden for startups and gig economy companies.

What makes a great job posting?

We look at two metrics to help our clients acquire talents in a cost-effective way.

  1. How many visitors does the job posting get from third parties (traffic from Google for Jobs, Jobs on Facebook, Tarta.ai)?
  2. How well does the job posting perform?

1. Google for Jobs Optimization

We comply with Google for Jobs guidelines and use SEO tactics to outrank competitors.

  • Content optimization.
  • Location optimization.
  • JobPosting Schema Markup.
  • Indexing API integration.

2. Analysis and optimization

We test different job postings layout to ensure maximum click through rate.

  • Job title A/B testing.
  • Job description A/B testing.

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